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It takes 37 million horsepower to launch the Space Shuttle. To get the church off the ground, it took an act of God. Join us as we probe the book of Acts to see what God has in mind for His people.

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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Marriage Crashers

Marriage Crashers

Separation of Church and Hate

Final Answer

Vision 2021

Final Answer

Brandon Hatfield Stand Alone Message

Final Answer

Marc Mobley Stand Alone Message

Final Answer

Christmas Spirit

Final Answer

Christmas Lights

Final Answer

The Victorious King

Final Answer

The Atoning Sacrifice

Final Answer

Final Answer

Final Answer

Keeper of My Heart

Keeper of My Heart

The Head of the Church

Lord of all

The Compassionate Friend

The Dynamic Leader

The Promised Savior

Second String

Full Time Faith

Stranger Things

Post Cards

Stand Alone Message – Josh Burnett

Stand Alone Message – Discovering God’s Will

Stand Alone
Bob Russell

Stand Alone – Mobley’s Legacy



Stand Alone Message – Relentless Faith

Stand Alone Message – Lessons Learned

Stand Alone Message – Second Chances


Stand Alone Message – NCC VIsion

Stand Alone Message – Mark Mobley

A Christmas Carol

Made for This


Plan A

Body and Soul

3-D Faith

My MESSage

Call of Duty

Passing Go

What’s On Your List

Homeland Security